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We provide an integrated and comprehensive range of property services which literally means you need only ‘One Stop’ to deal with all aspects of maintaining and boosting the value of your property. These includes:

    • In-House Architect: having our own architect means we can quickly put together plans and designs to show you in person, in the UAE. This means you can quickly and personally sign off on the way you want to develop or maintain your property.
    • In-House Surveyor: with our own surveyor, we can provide you with a speedy response about how the work will improve the value of your property and advise on the framework within which you can develop your property

Interior Design: putting the final design touches to your property can make the difference between a good and an excellent job. Our designers can work with you in the UAE to help decide on the final look for your property.


    • Property Finding: our dedicated experts in London can help you find your dream home in the city all from the comfort of your living room in the UAE providing you with a rich array of options and prices. They can also advise on sourcing finance and understanding pricing trends.
    • Property Management: we can provide comprehensive on-going property management for UAE based home owners that need hands on maintenance of their properties in London.
    • Refurbishments: we can provide a full range of refurbishment options from a simple redecoration to a structural overhaul.
    • Extensions: increasingly extensions are a cost effective way of increasing the space and value of your property without needing to sell and upgrade. We can provide testimonials from other satisfied clients who have gone down this route
    • Lofts: many home owners overlook the potential to create more space through lofts. These can be very effective and speedy solutions for those looking to improve their space and offer more value to tenants.
    • Project Management: we can provide a full project management service with regular updates to you both in person, by phone and by email.
    • Reactive Maintenance: We cater for any specific maintenance issues whatever aspect of your home they affect. This could range from simple painting and decorating to full scale refurbishment to redress water damage or structural problems.
  • Planned Maintenance: For landlords or UAE-based owners, we can provide a retained (on-going) maintenance services that ensure you have ongoing oversight of your property even while you are away or tenanted. This allows you to catch any maintenance issues early and reduce maintenance costs. P.s.  If you are Looking for relocation and packing services in Dubai, Contact our Local Partner Mr. Move – Dubai Movers and Packers.
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